The History of Ulster University

The New University of Ulster opened at Coleraine in 1968, as the second University in Northern Ireland. Explore over 50 years of its history through this interactive timeline.

Ulster University

November 1968

First students arrive at the campus on November 1968 to begin their studies where they were greeted by their lecturers and fellow students.

October 1969

In October 1969 the construction of the library got underway. The layout was satisfactory for the first year of operation however it was flexible enough to allow changes when necessary.

February 1970

The library was a satisfactory size for the use of the 2200 students at the beginning however changes would be needed when the student enrollment increased.

November 1970

The library was officially opened to the students of Ulster University, it was ran by F. J. E. Hurst and his assistant Mr H. J. Heaney

November 1970

The theoretical capacity of the phase one library was 75,000 volumes and some 340 readers. This would later increase with the growing amount of students.

April 1971

UU Mens Football team was created in April 1971, they quickly rose to the challenges they faced and were competing with the top teams however they didn't have much success until late 1980's

November 1971

Novemeber 1971 the UU womans Hockey Team was created, they didn't have the most successful start however over they years they progressed to an award winning side.