Flint Tools
Due to it's location and surrounding forrest, the occupiers of the land used many different tools to hunt and build with.
The forest provided the materials to make shelters, tools and weapons as well as fruit, nuts and berries to eat. Wild boar, mountain hare, and a variety of woodland, lakeland, and river birds were hunted nearby. The river provided salmon, eel, trout and bass and the cliffs on the shore were a rich source of flint.
Evidence was found of a succession of single huts, suggesting that they were repaired or rebuilt over several years, perhaps over several generations. The huts were substantial, measuring approximately 6m in diameter, and could have accommodated an extended family group of up to 10 people
BACK There was also good evidence that the site continued to be used into the Neolithic period. Neolithic finds included flints, handmade pottery, a net sinker, glass beads and a spindle whorl.