This is the original start and finish line for the NW200. The same grass verge that used to be lined with avid spectators. The exact same walls and railings from over 90 years ago. Where motorbikes, advanced machinery for their time, pulled in for fuel to continue around the 11 mile course. These bikes were a sight to behold back then with the riders as pioneers for the superbikes that exist today.

Clearly Portstewart has changed a lot since 1929, but looking back at old race photographs gives a real nostalgic feel for the local history. Where the race initially started and took off with a roar down Portmore road towards the famous 'Henry's corner'. Many a crash took place on this corner with old tales of some bikes even crashing into Portstewart Harbour. This was a prime location for spectators to watch the riders negotiate this turn. Where the riders slowed just enough to allow you to see the determination in their eyes and admire the bikes in action.

The NW200 is part of the fabric of this country. This is the only event that matters to many people. This is the event that all local businesses gear up in preparation for. The atmoshphere is palpable during the months building up to this event. Since 1929, the nw200 has only grown in popularity, and it's clear to see why. I urge you, if you've never stood at the side of the track as these superbikes fly past, to do so. It's a visceral experience, and no words can do it justice.